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What is the approximate row limit when upserting to Account w/external key?


I have a csv file with ~1.1m rows, 6 columns, and one of those columns contains the customerr ID that matches to an indexed, unique, external ID field on Account in Salesforce. I can successfully run the first phase of the Import wizard, select Upsert, Bulk API, map the fields, add a constant, and even get through to the Preview step successfully. But then, when I select the Import Records button on the next page, it tries for a while and fails with "An unexpected error occurred." Running DT v.5.29.0

As a test, I used the Select a Subset feature which works great:

- 10 records successfully imported in about 5 seconds
- 10,000 records imported in about 10 seconds
- 100,000 records imported in about 3 minutes
- 500,000 records fail
- all 1.1m records fail

So, I'm wondering if I should simply set my expectations lower and accept 100k as a reasonable limit or if there's some other tricks that others recommend I try.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi KGif, 

Thank you so much for your inquiry and testing the running speed.  I suggest you to log a support ticket here for our team to look into the steps you've done. 

Kent Fan

Customer Success Manager