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Welcome to the Email Solutions Industry Newsletter for January. This month's release features our New Training Series and Calendar, 6 Validity blogs, List Validation Tips, 2024 Predictions and more. We hope that you enjoy. Please let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see by adding a comment below!

Everest Training

Beyond the Bounce

Join these 30-minute training sessions on the core modules of the Everest Platform. Led by our email experts, each of these short sessions will provide an overview of the module's capabilities, allowing you to ask questions and ensuring you get the most from your Everest subscription. Whether you are new to Everest, or an experienced user who isn't taking advantage of all it has to offer and would like to learn more, this training series is for you!

Check out the calendar and register to one of the available sessions:

  • Inbox Placement
  • Sender Reputation
  • List Validation
  • Email Design & Content
  • Engagement

Validity Blogs

Beyond the Bounce: A Guide to More Effective Email List Validation

List validation is the key to sending your carefully crafted email campaigns to valid, relevant contacts that (hopefully) convert into customers. It’s a critical component of a successful email program. Explore some solution-specific features and general best practices to keep in mind to get more value from list validation procedures.

Beyond the Bounce

How to Optimize Your CRM Process for Sales and Marketing Efficiency

But how do you move from simply using your CRM process to unlocking its full potential? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting the hang of things, this post will deepen your understanding and help you optimize your CRM processes for increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and long-term loyalty.

Good, Better, Best

Big Dada Management: How to Make the Most of Your Business Intelligence

This article provides insights into the uplift senders see when they join our exclusive Sender Certification program, and what happens when they leave the program. It also investigates what happened when one sender chose to deactivate Sender Certification and ran into trouble before the busy Black Friday weekend.

Big Data Management

How (and Why!) to Build an Industry-Specific Preference Center

Marketers can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to preference centers. The more effort you put in to create a preference center tailored to your unique audience, the better your consumer data will be. This blog looks beyond basic questions about cadences and birthdays and uncovers why senders should create brand-specific preference centers.

Preference Center

Salesforce Data Management: What It Is, How to do It Effectively, and Why It Matters

In this post, we delve into the world of Salesforce data management, exploring what it is, why it matters, and how it can empower you and your teams to make informed decisions, optimize customer interactions, and supercharge business growth.

Data Management

Data Quality: The Key to Smarter AI

If you’ve been around the Salesforce ecosystem for a while, you know some of the basic issues with bad data. It can cause all sorts of problems. But there is a new reason to fight the data quality battle, and it’s that two-letter word that everyone is talking about—AI!

Smarter AI

Validity Webinars

How to Get More from Your Email List Validation

For expert guidance to get more from your list validation, watch this 30-minute webinar featuring Validity’s in-house Email Strategist Megan Farquharson.

State of Email Live: 2024 Email Marketing Predictions

A new year brings new email trends! Working in a constantly evolving industry requires keeping a finger on the pulse. This is especially true after an eventful year of AI updates, BIMI advancements, Apple’s Link Tracking Protection, and record email volumes. Are you prepared for 2024? Watch the on demand recording of State of Email 52 as Guy Hanson and our team of email strategists discussed the email trends we’ll see in 2024—and how to prepare.

Validity Podcasts

Ep. 25: Back to Basics: 5 (Free!) Email Tactics to Beat Soft Consumer Demand

As economic conditions get tougher and marketing budgets get tighter, it’s important to remember just how amazing your emails can be when you focus on the basics!