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How do I share Everest account to client to check their profile performance?


Hi Team,

One of the client is asking us to provide the Everest reports and access to view their email sending performance. So how would I create an shared account to client, so that they can only get access to their profile and get benefited from Everest reports?



Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hello! Thanks for reaching out - there are several ways that I think your goal can be accomplished. Can I ask, are you wanting the client to have edit access or are you wanting them to only be able to view benchmark data?


Thanks for the response, I guess we need view option. But they want to create a webhooks to get the alerts as well. So not sure if this will be done in view only option or need to give edit option as well ?


Thanks for the additional information. Based on what it sounds like both you and the client want, my recommendation would be to actually create a child account that only that client has access to that they can log in to in order to view performance. That does give them full edit access, however. If you want to only give them a view option, then the best bet would be to create a custom dashboard and use our "Share Dashboard" option to send them performance dashboards, and then sign them up via email for any alerts they may want to see. Does that make sense?