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Demand Tools V


I have been using demand tools for the past 8 years and it became a necessary tool for me on a daily basis. I just converted to Demand Tools V and have this question. How is this an improvement? The old version was simple and very intuitve. Unless I'm missing something I really dislike this new version. Can I still use the old verion?


Validity Team


Thank you for reaching out! We have spoken to your migration specialist team, and they will be reaching out to you to discuss in more detail what your concerns are, so that we can address them for you. 

We want to make the switchover as easy as possible. Many of our customers have taken advantage of our DemandTools V training series to learn more about the new UI and adjust to the changes. Here is a link to that schedule. If you are having trouble finding certain features, the upgrade team can help point you in the right direction. We are also very open to feedback and invite you to open a feature request (step-by-step document) for any functionality you think can be improved. Please be on the lookout for an email from our migration team.  



I can relate. Been using "DemandTools Classic" for over 15 years and it does literally everything I need quickly and easily. I've been avoiding switching over because last I looked at it, there was a ton of features missing and I just generally didn't like the redesign much. Now that the old version is at the end of the road, I'm getting up to speed . . . and there's still a ton of holes. I'm just going to make the best of it and log a lot of feature requests.

But I am really shocked at what's missing by this point in time and how much some functions just don't seem like improvements. It's not so much needing help with finding where things are--there's just things I use every day that don't exist now. Wish I could be more positive as I absolutely love the old version and encouraged everyone I knew who is a SFDC admin to get it and use it. Hopefully they can churn out some upgrades fairly quickly, as I'm going to be in a tough spot with some of the things I do daily when the old version is disabled.

I'm already in close contact with our Validity rep . . . he's awesome and is helping where he can.