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dupeblocker or statements

Hi everyone, I am new to using dupeblocker. I want to create a Scenarios that includes looking for match if the contact email 1 matches email 2 or 3 or 4 or if any of emails matches each other. How would I create that rule?

v_pagan by Explorer
  • 1 replies

Retain all contact information on merge?

Hello! Trying to find a way I can retain the contact information (phone & address) when performing a merge? With neither being a combinable option in my salesforce, I'm trying to find a way to still retain all values when merging my scheduled scenari...

ALarue by Contributor
  • 3 replies

What is DemandTools Expert Office Hours?

DemandTools Expert Office Hours is the place to be every week to talk all things DemandTools. Solutions, answers, challenges... we've got them. Audience: If you use DemandTools on a daily basis, beginner or advanced level, you are invited! Format: We...

Resolved! Dedupe: Exclude Contacts with Opportunities

Hey all! We are starting our contacting deduping process in our Org and one issue we ran into was Contacts with Contact Roles, therefore, related to Opps. As we want to preserve as much data as possible and abide by our strict contact role validation...

Convert to Specific Account

Is there a way to convert leads with email criteria to a specifc account by inputting the ID somehow? If there is a matching contact by email it can convert to that however I want them to become new contacts on an existing account not create any new ...

Csulwer by Explorer
  • 7 replies

DemandTools Certification - Match

Happy Friday, Validity Community!! If there's one thing I love to do on Fridays, it's set some time aside for education - and what better way is there to boost your DemandTools knowledge by checking out the DemandTools V Certification? As of this mor...


Resolved! How do you clean-up Special Characters?

Hello,We have hundreds of international accounts and contacts that use special characters that don't always convert into a readable format.  How can I use Validity to find special characters and then possibly modify them?

Dedupe - need to select record type based on owner profile

I have duplicate contacts assigned to the same owner, but the records have different record types.   I need to make the winning record type based on the owner's profile name.In one example the record owner profile is Institutional, and the record typ...