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DemandTools 5.26.1 - Released Today - see details of Maintenance Release Below

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member
Happy Monday! DemandTools V 5.26.1 is now available. Today's release is a Maintenance Release and includes fixes to some known issues. A list of 


bug fixes is below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments. 
  • Fixed an issue in Dedupe where Winner Rules using Oldest Date, Newest Date, Largest, Smallest were not applying to duplicate groups successfully.
  • Fixed an issue in Dedupe where the Winner Rule condition ‘Most XX Objects’ was not displaying Objects to be selected as the Value.
  • Fixed an issue in Dedupe where applying a Winner Rule using a custom Date/Time field would not complete.
  • Fixed an issue in Import where running an Update or Upsert operation with multiple objects would not match records on the first object selected.
  • Fixed an issue in Import where Match Step columns were blank in Exported Grid Data files.
  • Fixed an issue where DemandTools would not open on Linux Debian 10 Tnami.
  • Additional known issues addressed: For additional issues, if you have an open ticket with Validity Support, you will be contacted directly if your issue has been resolved as part of this release.

Release notes