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Website domain matching....returns too many?


Using the Match module, I'm matching an input file that includes websites against our Accounts based on "Comparison type" = Domain.

The help files suggest that it uses what's after http:// to do the matching, but there's more going on.

As an example, many US school districts have the website format of http://www.<districtname>.k12.<statename>.us

DemandTools seems to be ignoring the "districtname" in the URLs and is returning matches for every district in the state, which isn't helpful. 

Old demandtools didn't do this. Is there some workaround that I'm missing?




One workaround (experimenting) is to instead match using "cleaned account name" and add http:// and https:// as prefixes to drop. That doesn't work. I'm getting NO matches for website when I do what I'm describing. 


Looks like you have to use regex to work around this issue...?

Hi @robhemmerich, I apologize that the comparison type is not functioning the same as it did in DemandTools 2.91. I would highly suggest creating a support ticket through this link for our team to further investigate this. In the interim, your best workaround option would be to utilize regex to ignore the Http:// & www. sections of the website domain. By using regex you can ensure that the district name is not completely ignored when matching on the website field.


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager