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Using Demand Tools Modify - trying to import a lookup field for a custom object.


I have created a custom object called Source Code. On the Opportunity record, I have a lookup field (Source Code Description) to the Source Code object. I want to mass load all of these source codes to all the Opportunity records in my org. How do I load to a lookup field to a custom object?

I can find the data for the Source Code: Id but there is no field called Source Code:Id in the fields to map to. There is a field I am using for the lookup called Source Code Description, which is what I use when looking up the source code from a single record one at a time. I have tried creating a file with Source Code:Id but there is no where to map it to. I have tried creating a file with the Source Code description and that errors off saying 

"Source Code Description: id value of incorrect type:"

I have tried (Source Code:ID);(source code description) and that came up with the same error. 

Any help would be really appreciated. 

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Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

HI @Kaleay! I am sorry to hear you're running into issues when mapping these in DemandTools. The error stating "Source Code Description: id value of incorrect type" is what sticks out to me most. It sounds like the Source Code Description field is your ID field, which means as long as you have the Source Code salesforce ID, you should be able update the Description field with that value.

Because of this, I would highly suggest opening a support ticket for our team to evaluate this behavior further. Please navigate here and fill out the necessary details & our team will be able to investigate this error!


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager