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DemandTools forum contest / Badges

Hoping that you are all familiar with our Community Badges that everyone who is a member of the Validity Community is eligible for? If not, please read more here.  DemandTools forum contest The first 5 community members who earn the Conversation Star...

Resolved! Allow Blank Override

Hello, I am trying to get a better understanding of "Allow Blank Override" for imports.  What resources do you recommend? Thank you! Gilbert Hernandez

GilbertH by Explorer
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Dedupe: Exclude Contacts with Opportunities

Hey all! We are starting our contacting deduping process in our Org and one issue we ran into was Contacts with Contact Roles, therefore, related to Opps. As we want to preserve as much data as possible and abide by our strict contact role validation...

Scheduled Match Scenario

I have a match scenario set up that includes 5 "Fields to show on Preview".  I scheduled that scenario to run each morning at a specific time.  Unfortunately, every time the schedule runs, the only Match field on the output file is the Match_ID.  Any...

droyer by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Mass Moving Stale Reports/Dashboards

I am using DemandTools 5.21 and cannot figure out how to move stale reports from one report folder to another for deletion. Which scenario category do I select? Is there a help document I can reference?  If not available, is it on the product roadmap...

DemandTools - Progress Bar Incorrect

Hello - I have been using for DemandTools V App for quite some time, I completed the application update yesterday and had went to process records, but I started getting some strange messages.My processing was showing a percentage that was impossible ...

OAuth Error: Connecting CRM

Hello,Has anyone experienced the following error when attempting to connect your CRM account to DemandTools V?Error Message: "CRM OAuth Error: Unknown error"Additional Context:I am logged in to my DemandTools accountWe use OneLogin SSOAttemting to co...

DP by Observer
  • 1 replies

Assess Tool - run time averages?

Hi everyone!Our database has about 3 million records (Leads, Accounts, Contacts).  I ran the Assess tool for the first time in early March and it ran for 12 hours before providing restults.  I ran it again at the start of April (using fewer criteria)...

Java Certificate

I'm receiving error "Java Certificate Error Upon Login" when attempting to load DemandTools V, where do I obtain this missing certificate?

LAvery by Explorer
  • 3 replies