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Resolved! Multiple Cross-Field Matchings?

Hey there -I am trying to figure out a way to use cross-field matching to look for both the phone number and emails fields across multiple different fields in the same search query, so look across two different phone fields as well as two different e...

Resolved! Tune - Select All

Hi all, I had used the Select All box on previous versions of Tune . But it is now no longer available. Are there any options to select all records within Tune now ? 

Scott_F by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Master ID

Hi,The company I work for has previously developed various scenarios, rule sets and field rules for use in our deduplication process in an older version of DemandTools. Most of these scenarios have been migrated and/or implemented in the most recent ...

FlorianW by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Managing the Love/Hate Relationship with Data - Webinar!

Love (for Data) is in the air! Join our data experts @Olivia_Validity,  @ajavalidity , and Alex Korpita as they delve into the most common reasons CRM users and admins hate their data, and how to bring back that lovin’ feeling. FEBRUARY 14 | 12PM E...


Resolved! How to Prioritize 'Prospect' Status in Winning Records in SFDC

Hi Everyone,I need help with a custom field in Salesforce. The field, 'Prospect Life Cycle', has values like 'AQL', 'Dormant', 'SAL', 'Prospect', etc., and is used in both Winning and Non-Winning records.Challenge: If a Non-Winning record is labeled ...

Resolved! Dedupe module: on premise or not

I have not used DemandTools in years and am now back exploring DT V in a trial version. I can see the Dedupe module in my Validity account and have downloaded the on premise DT as well. Do I need both? Can I just use Dedupe in my Validity account or ...

Resolved! Updating Accounts - looking for a "trick"

Hi all - we have a list of accounts in all caps and are updating it to proper case so...VERIZON becomes VerizonHowever, there are some like YMCA OF BOSTON (for example) that we don't want to update - we want it to be YMCA of Boston rather than going ...

bhare1357 by Frequent Contributor
  • 3 replies

DemandTools - Winner Rules

We have set up our Winner Rules, but when we apply them to our duplicates, none of them are scored. Our rule is fairly simple, assigning 50 points to the oldest record. We have a second criteria to assign 26 points to records with an id number that w...

KtFarmer by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Errors when merging records

 We continue to have errors when attempting to merge records. Anyone esle experiencing these issues? Any luck fixing it? Support is saying it is with our Firewall/Network, but we have not been able to identify any issues. This is the error:"I/O error...

jwoods by Observer
  • 2 replies