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Resolved! Modify (aka Mass Impact) Formulas and RegEx Examples

@AnthonyValidity following yesterday call when regex formulas came up, I thought it would be useful to share a compilation of regex formulas for Modify and Matching mapping comparisonDisclaimer: Many of these formulas were sourced from online platfor...

Reassign scenario match steps have all disappeared

I have a reassign scenario that I have used over 40 times in the last 9+ months.  And today when I opened it the multiple match steps that were previously definied were all missing.   I've opened a support ticket, but wanted to see if anyone else has...

Resolved! RegEx to extract domain from website field

With the help of ChatGPT, I was able to get this RegEx formula to extract the company domain from website field.  The use case would be to update another field using the following formula -RegExReplace(${Website}, "^(?:https?:\/\/)?(?:www\.)?([^\/]+)...

Did you know?! A place to share data tips and industry knowledge.

                                                                   I often find myself coming across information or learning a cool function of DemandTools and then wishing I had a place to share it and chat about it with other data minded profession...


Using a SF report in Import or Modify Tool?

Is it possible to use a SF report when using either modify or import?I have a report that has to look @ 2 objects. I don't belive I can do that in DTV? On my contact obejct I roll up a feild from a custom object (called Inquiry). Sometimes my roll-up...

Training Recording & Resources: Dedupe Basics

Thanks to all who attended this week's Dedupe Basics session! Dedupe Basics is always one of our most popular sessions.  Below is a link to the recording and other resources referenced during the session.  If you have any outstanding questions from t...

Resolved! Dedupe: Soft or hard delete?

Can anyone tell me with certainty whether the losing records in a dedupe merge are soft or hard deleted? If the answer is, "it depends," can you please identify the dependencies? Thank you!

Tune & Import?

Hello everyone I'm working on a large batch of duplicate accounts; after exporting the csv file, is it feasible to alter fields in addition to choosing the winning account?

Resolved! Stuck in a Log In Loop

I'm attempting to log into Demand Tools V and when I get logged in, it doesn't show any of my CRM Environments. There's an option in the middle of the screen to log in, and I go through that and it just takes me back to the same window.  It's worth n...

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CRMSarah by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Dedupe Account Name with "The Group" x "Group" x "Group"

Hi DTV Community,I'm using the Dedupe to try and clean up some duplicated Account records but have found a challenge I can't seem to get working.I have a scenario where I'm matching on Account Name to identify merge candidates. I have 3 duplicate rec...