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Did you know?! A place to share data tips and industry knowledge.

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member


I often find myself coming across information or learning a cool function of DemandTools and then wishing I had a place to share it and chat about it with other data minded professionals.

So, we are starting a "Did you know" thread to do just that.

Bring your knowledge and bestow it on the rest of us. (I'll get us started)


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member
Did you know that how you become digital has more impact on your success than how you use digital once implemented?
McKinsey and Company said it best "Successful digital transformations hinge less on how companies use digital and more on how they become digital."  
(full article here:
What are you doing to become digital and set yourself up for successful digital transformations like AI?
At Validity, it all starts with clean, accurate data made possible by our beloved DemandTools and cross-functional teams managing the data to put us in the AI driver seat.
If getting ready for AI seems scary, we'll actually be talking about and simplifying this very topic at Dreamforce, join us! 
Ensuring Your AI is Actually Intelligent
Time/Date: 11:30 AM PT, Wednesday, 9/13, Theater Two
Speakers: Olivia Hinkle, Director, Product Marketing at Validity and Angie Henkel, Marketing Operations Director