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What is DemandTools Expert Office Hours?

DemandTools Expert Office Hours is the place to be every week to talk all things DemandTools. Solutions, answers, challenges... we've got them. Audience: If you use DemandTools on a daily basis, beginner or advanced level, you are invited! Format: We...

Resolved! Stuck in a Log In Loop

I'm attempting to log into Demand Tools V and when I get logged in, it doesn't show any of my CRM Environments. There's an option in the middle of the screen to log in, and I go through that and it just takes me back to the same window.  It's worth n...

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CRMSarah by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Dedupe Account Name with "The Group" x "Group" x "Group"

Hi DTV Community,I'm using the Dedupe to try and clean up some duplicated Account records but have found a challenge I can't seem to get working.I have a scenario where I'm matching on Account Name to identify merge candidates. I have 3 duplicate rec...

Training Recap: DupeBlocker for Beginners (8/8/23)

Thanks to everyone who attended today's DupeBlocker for Beginners Training.  The session was filled with information on how to get started, best practices, and using DupeBlocker and DemandTools together for a more effective duplicate management proce...

is DT V Slow to load?

Is it me or is DT V becoming slower to load with every update?  It feels like it takes a good minute or longer or so to Launch from clicking the icon on my desktop

JrojasBT by Explorer
  • 5 replies

Demand Tools V all fields in text format

It appears that in the new version V all fields are in text format instead of the actual field format inSalesforce.This is a problem!!! Am I missing something?

gallen by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Reuse custom scoring for field rule

Is there an easy way to reuse the same custom scoring for multiple fields in a field rule? I mean instead of having to type the same criteria multiple times for different fields.

ERROR 25012: Invalid file format

I recently had to reinstall DemandTools, and have had a number of issues. First, for some reason it took a number of tries signing into my org before it was actually signed in. It kept taking me back to the sign-in screen. I got that taken care of.My...

RayneJSA by Enthusiast
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Big News today - DemandTools File edition announced!

Have you heard the big news? The launch of DemandTools File edition will improve data quality across the entire organization and manage duplicates within spreadsheets in minutes! Read the full announcement on the Validity Blog. Also, please help us s...

Anonymous by Validity Team
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Accessing Log files

Instructions state to access log files go to Help-troubleshooting-app logs. It also states that the logs are stored on my PC but I can't find the path AppData - Roaming - Validity Demand Tools - Logs. Can someone possibly point me in the right direct...

JeanM by Explorer
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