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DT V Cannot share scenario with another sandbox due to error


I am using DT V and have created some scenarios with field rules. I am unable to share one of the scenarios to another organization due to the following error:

A Field Rule already exists with the provided name.

I was able to share other scenarios with rules to the other sandbox but not this one. What does this error mean? I tried to share to the other org both with and without the "Overwrite scenario and winner/field rules if they already exist" checkbox checked, but neither worked.

I was asked by DT support to provide logs and they are seeing these errors in the logs:

(Support is unable to help unless I work with them at night due to time zone difference.)

409 Conflict: "{"code":409,"message":"Winner Rule already exists."}"
409 Conflict: "{"code":409,"message":"A Field Rule already exists with the provided name."}"

Can you please advise how I can share the scenario to the other org?



Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @DaizyLogikSHFB ,

The errors you are encountering are best handled by our support team. I have contacted them and they will be reaching out to you to schedule a time that is best for you to resolve this issue. 

Have a great day!!!


Tony Aponte
Customer Success Manager