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How can I schedule a touch records scenario, but be able to call different records each run?


Hi how can I schedule a modify/touch records scenario, but be able to modify different records each time? Currently I am touching batches of 20 - 30 records at a time by providing record ID's with commas to separate them under Record Selection Criteria. I have several hundred records to go through and want to schedule batches of different records each run. I can't run them all at once because there is a backend non SF process that is listening for these changes in SF and that process is having trouble keeping up. Either that or is there a way to slow down the touching action? Right now publishing the touching of 20-30 records is instantaneous. Is there a way to build a delay in between the calls for these records. I doubt it bc I assume DT batches them up so it doesn't make too many calls. Thanks for reading this far, any ideas would be appreciated. 


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @noob2validity ,

Is there a way that you can condition on these records so the batche changes over time?  

I think your best bet is to change the batch size of Modify via General Settings (the cogwheel).  This is for all batches, so you would either have to have smaller batches moving forward, or just change it while you're processing this specific scenario.



Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager