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'Re-assignment' Scenario


Can anyone help me with the following please?

I need to change the ownership of a set of Accounts against which an Opportunity is logged to match the ownership of the Opportunity. There are certain criteria to go with this as well - this only affects open opportunities  which are owned by users who's managers are A, B or C and only those where the Account owner is not currently either owned by X, Y or Z, or the Account owner's manager is not X, Y or Z.

I have attempted to use the Modify function for this, but do not seem to be having much success. I tried Reassign but that does not offer the option to say take the value from the Opportunity Owner field in the Opportunity object and assign the value there to the Account Owner field in the Account Object.

Can anyone advise how best to go about this...


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @Matthew_Rushton ,

I don't think we need a fancy formula for this one, but we still would do this in Modify.  Here's how you'd condition your scenario, replace the letters with IDs of course:


Your formula is going to look like this.  The field to change will be the account owner field and the field you're referencing in the formula is the opp owner:


Hope this helps!

Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager