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Scheduled Modify Jobs


Looking to schedule some Modify scenarios to maintain data cleanliness and standardization. What Modify scenarios do you use in your orgs to maintain data standardization?

My org works a lot with Contacts and Addresses. Data standardization has been an issue in the past as we have a fair amount of users and automation entering information.


Thank you!


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

HI @gursin, I love to see the interest in scheduling some Modify scenarios! This is definitely a great way to maintain a clean database.

Validity provides several prebuilt scenarios within the DemandTools platform that are a great basis to get started with - you can filter the scenarios list by Modify Module & Created By Validity to make it a bit easier to review them. If you decide to make some changes to those scenarios, you can always save them as your own!

Additionally, I would highly suggest taking some time to review the following playbooks. These will help outline our suggested processes for standardizing and cleaning your existing data in Salesforce.

Additionally, there are some great recorded trainings that review the Modify platform and using Formulas to help clean your data located here. If interested in setting up your own Formulas, I would suggest keep this Formula Dictionary on hand 🙂


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager