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DemandTools forum contest / Badges

Hoping that you are all familiar with our Community Badges that everyone who is a member of the Validity Community is eligible for? If not, please read more here.  DemandTools forum contest The first 5 community members who earn the Conversation Star...

Resolved! Using Demand Tools to purge old leads

Hello community! I am looking for some ways to use Demand Tools to help with purging old leads. We are getting close to over 300,000 records in our org and I know quite a few never amount to anything beyond that stage. What are some conditions or for...

Big News today - DemandTools File edition announced!

Have you heard the big news? The launch of DemandTools File edition will improve data quality across the entire organization and manage duplicates within spreadsheets in minutes! Read the full announcement on the Validity Blog. Also, please help us s...

Resolved! What are your top scheduled scenarios?

I am working on cleaning up an org with hundreds of thousands of contacts. There is a LOT of dirty data unfortunately. What are some of your favorite scenarios you have scheduled to run each day? I am currently running some that clean up mailing addr...

Scheduled Modify Jobs

Looking to schedule some Modify scenarios to maintain data cleanliness and standardization. What Modify scenarios do you use in your orgs to maintain data standardization?My org works a lot with Contacts and Addresses. Data standardization has been a...

gursin by Explorer
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I have been using DT for over two years, and I like this tool for matching and Importing data. I highly recommend this product to others.

mrazzak by Observer
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