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Resolved! Demand Tools Mass Effect Question

Hello Validity Community! I have used Demand Tools for several years now, recently upgrading to Demand Tools V. One thing I cannot seem to do with the new platform is Mass Effect using a .csv file. I tend to use this feature a lot for updating one fi...

Resolved! looking for previous Mass impact option

I have used Demand Tools for many years and recently updated to the new version.  I figured out that Mass Impact is now Modify but there is one thing I did with Mass Impact that I am having trouble reproducingWhere is the option to update the record ...

Ariane by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Archived Activities

Is it possible to update archived activities through DemandTools?  If so, how?  Thanks. 

Murphybp79 by Frequent Contributor
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Scheduling of Modify Jobs

Hello! I know we have the ability to schedule Modify jobs within Demand Tools and it is a pretty simple process to set up. My question for the community is if anyone has found a creative way to get around the need for the specifc machine to be runnin...

Scheduled Modify Jobs

Looking to schedule some Modify scenarios to maintain data cleanliness and standardization. What Modify scenarios do you use in your orgs to maintain data standardization?My org works a lot with Contacts and Addresses. Data standardization has been a...

gursin by Explorer
  • 1 replies

Welcome to the Validity Community DemandTools Forum!

Hello and thank you for being a Validity DemandTools customer.  I welcome you to the Validity Community DemandTools forum!   My name is Anthony and I am a Customer Success Manager on our data team (DemandTools V (DTV), BriteVerify, DupeBlocker (DB))....