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See who has scheduled scenarios when status shows "Active Removely"


I am an admin for Validity DemandTools. I can see that some scheduled scenarios have the status Active Remotely. How can I see which user actually has these scenarios scheduled?

Also, how can I take over the scheduling? So that the othe person's schedules no longer work and are executed.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hey Gerard - When viewing the scheduled jobs for a given org, you should see all jobs on the given environment regardless of owner, the user that created them and the ability to make any adjustments should you like via the elipses on the right hand side. The logfile for the job would be specific to the machine which that job is running on, not so much the user. As far recreating the job so you are running, you would be best to simply create a new scheduled job with the same scenario.



We may be best setting up time to view what you are seeing together. Please email if this response doesn't answer your question fully. Thanks!