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DemandTools forum contest / Badges

Hoping that you are all familiar with our Community Badges that everyone who is a member of the Validity Community is eligible for? If not, please read more here.  DemandTools forum contest The first 5 community members who earn the Conversation Star...

QOTD: What's your go to DemandTools Module?

For today's Question of the Day, we want to know what your FAVORITE DemandTools module is? What is the module that saves you the most time or that you always find yourself leaning to?  I'll go first, mine has to be MATCH! I am always getting handed r...

Demand Tools New Member

Hello Everyone! My name is Darius and I am really excited to see what Demand tools has to offer to help me in my Salesforce work inside of my nonprofits org. If I can be of any assistance or help feel free to reach out.Thanks

Share your success

Let's get the conversation started, share some success you experianced using the tool.For us the biggest sucess so far, has been the ability to take big list of data and by running it through the the identify feature, find the ID numbers.That has bee...

JFeldman by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Merging Duplicate Contacts with Contact Roles

Hey everyone, I participated in the webinar a couple of weeks ago for Advanced Duplicate handling and I thought I was all squared away but I just realized that it doesn't solve my problem because my issue spans across the Contact & Contact Roles Obje...

CRMSarah by Frequent Contributor
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Organization of Scenarios

Wondering if y'all have ideas or suggestions on how to organize scenarios? Right now we are utilizing the star function but would love to see some folder capacity. 

CamilaN by Explorer
  • 4 replies

Scheduling Jobs

Hello all,What's the best way to scedule jobs to run end of the day and/or during weekend?Currently, I'm not really fond of the V Release as certain things I tried never worked, yet it could be me and not the tool... has anyone done that and if so ca...

Resolved! Updating Date field

I am new to DTV and have been using the legacy DT through 6yrs of my employment. I have been updating date fields using this format MM/DD/YYYY using legacy DT with no issues. When I tried the same using DTV, the records were updated but it shows the ...