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Gmail, Yahoo Users Will Be Able to Stop Spam Emails with Just One Click

In a win for the movement against spam-filled inboxes everywhere, major mailbox providers (MPBs) are cracking down. To help recipients keep unwanted messages to a minimum, both Google and Yahoo announced they will require bulk senders to make changes, including (but not limited to) more stringent email authentication, allowing for easy unsubscription, and staying under a reported spam threshold. So, how does this change affect your email marketing efforts? Read on for a breakdown of what these changes mean as well as how to prepare.

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A Nightmare on Data Street: 5 Haunting CRM stories

A CRM that doubles as a House of Horrors can suck the fun out of spooky season. If you haven’t been prioritizing data quality, your scary data management practices will inevitably come back to haunt you—and your business will suffer the bone-chilling consequences. Come along (if you dare) for five horror stories told by CRM users* and the lessons they learned from experiencing these nightmares


B2B Email Personalization Tactics to Boost Your ROI (Really Outstanding Individualization)

Imagine heading into a bustling business conference. The hall is filled with a myriad of attendees, each with their name tags proudly displayed. Yet, amidst the sea of names, only a few stand out, sparking genuine interest and conversations.
That’s the current state of the digital marketing world. An estimated 320 billion emails will be sent daily by 2026, making the challenge for marketers clear: How do you ensure your email not only reaches the inbox but also captures attention?

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Benchmark your CRM against 300+ responses from users and admins.

Wondering how your CRM stacks up against the rest?

Tough economic conditions, new data regulations, AI, and increased demands for personalization mean CRM managers must get crafty to keep their databases in check. To explore these challenges, we collected 313 responses from CRM users and managers, and compiled them in this guide. Look inside for details on:

  • How organizations are (or aren’t) using AI in their CRM efforts
  • Why data quality is becoming more difficult to maintain
  • New statistics on the CRM adoption
  • Sneaky factors and common practices that are deteriorating data quality

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Benchmark your CRM against 300+ responses from users and admins.

For expert guidance on introducing SMS to your marketing mix (or optimizing your existing strategy!) join us for this expert-led webinar, featuring Validity’s in-house Senior Director Laura Christiansen. Tune in for details on:

Exclusive research revealing what consumers really want from SMS marketing messages Tips to navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of SMS marketing Examples of winning SMS strategies from leading brands

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Ep. 21: Making Moves in the Inbox: How JLL Navigates Deliverability in the Commercial Real Estate I...

In commercial real estate, the buildings are big and the email marketing challenges are bigger. After all—it can be difficult to keep subscribers engaged when they aren’t necessarily in the market to buy office buildings every day. Enter Lola Gandara, the first-ever Head of Deliverability at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Tune in as she explains how she manages the many mail streams JLL operates and educates the team on email best practices.