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Email Deliverability in 2023: Are You Headed for a Successful Black Friday…or a Black Hole?

What should email senders expect this holiday season? Global email volumes doubled pre-vs-post pandemic as traditionally offline businesses moved online. Let’s review 2023’s key trends, and how senders can adapt.

Pizza Hut Restaurants is one of the United Kingdom’s most recognizable casual dining options. However, the market has changed significantly since the organization first set up shop in 1973.

Consumers now have virtually unlimited restaurant options, and new competitors enter the scene constantly. In this difficult economic environment, Pizza Hut Restaurants uses the email channel to stay top of mind with consumers and (most importantly) to drive foot traffic to their restaurants.

To circumvent deliverability challenges and ensure their messages made it to subscribers’ inboxes, Chilvers and the Pizza Hut Restaurants team partner with Validity, the leading provider of email deliverability and CRM data management solutions.

For expert guidance on introducing SMS to your marketing mix (or optimizing your existing strategy!) join us for this expert-led webinar, featuring Validity’s in-house Email Strategist Veronica Kyle. Tune in for details on:

Exclusive research revealing what consumers really want from SMS marketing messages
Tips to navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of SMS marketing
Examples of winning SMS strategies from leading brands

Ep. 19: Inbox X-Files: A Detective’s Guide to Solving Email Mysteries

Calling all email sleuths: Grab your magnifying glasses—we’re about to discuss some top-tier email mysteries. Alice Cornell, deliverability consultant and email sleuth extraordinaire delves into captivating email cases, bewitching red herrings, and the basics that often trip up even the most experienced email pros.


Data Uploads Into Salesforce—and How to Manage Them

Whether you’ve been around Salesforce for a while or are new to the Salesforce ecosystem, you’ve had to deal with some collection of data that someone wanted loaded into Salesforce. Here are tools and processes that you can use to make things easier.

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