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Resolved! How to stop same contacts from showing as duplicates each time

I am curious if there is a solution or perhaps future feature that would allow us to say "No. These are not duplicates, please stop asking me" when running Dedupe. We have several relatives that the system picks up as possible duplicates. It isn't ho...

Automating dedupe Scenarios to run and save an export.

Hi Anthony,Is there a way to automate running a dedupe scenario to get an export with the potential duplicates in an Excel format to be reviewed (not to do the actual dedupe)?I believe this would be a good idea for automating potential duplicates in ...

Resolved! Scheduling of Modify Jobs

Hello! I know we have the ability to schedule Modify jobs within Demand Tools and it is a pretty simple process to set up. My question for the community is if anyone has found a creative way to get around the need for the specifc machine to be runnin...

Resolved! Using Demand Tools to purge old leads

Hello community! I am looking for some ways to use Demand Tools to help with purging old leads. We are getting close to over 300,000 records in our org and I know quite a few never amount to anything beyond that stage. What are some conditions or for...

Resolved! What are your top scheduled scenarios?

I am working on cleaning up an org with hundreds of thousands of contacts. There is a LOT of dirty data unfortunately. What are some of your favorite scenarios you have scheduled to run each day? I am currently running some that clean up mailing addr...

Scheduled Modify Jobs

Looking to schedule some Modify scenarios to maintain data cleanliness and standardization. What Modify scenarios do you use in your orgs to maintain data standardization?My org works a lot with Contacts and Addresses. Data standardization has been a...

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