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Better way to identify/label sandboxes


I was going to move some data between sandboxes using the Import feature and I can't identify which sandbox is which from the dropdown. They all just show my company name and say 'sandbox'. I have 4 sandboxes, I need to either see the userrname or a way to tag each org.

I like the idea of moving data between sandboxes, but there needs to be some way of telling them apart in the app.

I also noticed a similar issue when I try to share scenarios between orgs. All I can see there are orgId's and I don't memorize the orgId's of my sandboxes, so the UI in these situations is less than ideal.

Anybody know of a way around this?


Frequent Contributor

Yes, I agree.  It's a workaround.  Would be better if the names set in our Accounts would carry over.  

Frequent Contributor

@MarcDBehr The 5.31.0 release added the ability for the environment names you use in the Admin portal to show in DemandTools.  So you can now easily rename them and see that name in Demand Tools.