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Big News today - DemandTools File edition announced!

Validity Team

Have you heard the big news?

The launch of DemandTools File edition will improve data quality across the entire organization and manage duplicates within spreadsheets in minutes!

Read the full announcement on the Validity Blog.

Also, please help us spread the world by sharing on your Social channels, like LinkedIn and Twitter

In addition to this great news, DemandTools File edition can be accessed for free and all users receive 50 free credits upon signing up. To learn more please click here.



Frequent Contributor

This is great - but what if we don't have file edition yet - is there a module to dedupe an execel sheet in DTV? I'm thinking no - because it will check vs Salesforce and not vs itself - any suggestions would be much appreciated - thanks!!

Hi @bhare1357, as you infer there is no current way to identify and merge duplicates within an Excel sheet using DTV.

I would encourage you to upvote this feature request within the DemandTools Request a Feature dashboard (instructions here), "Dedupe a Flat File" is visible within Under Consideration under Dedupe.

You'll also be able to access DT File edition this location in MyValidity, where you'll get 50 free credits to begin merging any duplicates you have right away. From there, pricing is credit-based and can be purchased as and when you need them via credit card on our webstore.


Frequent Contributor

Upvoted! 🙂