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Convert to Specific Account


Is there a way to convert leads with email criteria to a specifc account by inputting the ID somehow? If there is a matching contact by email it can convert to that however I want them to become new contacts on an existing account not create any new Accounts. They will all go to the same Account. Thanks


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hey @Csulwer - Am I understanding correctly, you currently have leads, you are trying to convert them to new or matching contacts on a certain account that you have an ID for?

Yes correct. There is a chance there would be a matching email on a contact in which case I'd convert them into that record but otherwise if they have a specific list of domains in their emails I want them to go to one specific Account ID. 

Also, I want to be able to schedule this. @Pugs_Validity 

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Got it, if i'm understanding the information available to sounds like you currently have no accounts IDs on the leads. I would reccomend matching email to website on the accounts and then use the domain comparison type to identify the matching accounts. This would allow it to be scheduled. Depending on the complexity of your emails & account websites, there may need to be an additional layer. If the issue is more complex, please email so we can set up a call to discuss further. 



Domain:  Allows for independent analysis of the domain information contained within a website URL or email address. For email addresses, it uses any information to the right of the @ sign. For websites, it returns everything after the http:// and/or www. (for example, Can also be used to match an email address to a website. 




That is an interesting solution, I wasn't aware of the doman conparison. However thre are mutiple email domans that meet the criteria, not just the domain of the account. I'll submit a ticket, thanks. 

I could create a new field for Acct ID on lead and populate it for leads that meet criteria then match on the Field and Acct ID. Woudn't that work? But it would still be a manual process to populate ID...hmmm

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

That would work although you aren't able to schedule it. I think I have a workaround for that portion though, I'll send you a message with it directly.