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deduping one list against another?




I'm new to DemandTools and still learning my way around it. My organization has an automatic sync between Salesforce and another CRM that creates quite a few duplicate records. What I'd like to figure out is a way to check records created by that CRM, particularly over a certain date range, against the rest of the database. Is there any way to do this without exporting a file from Salesforce?



Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

@AaronTAFSC It sounds like we have a couple of different options in terms of identifying these duplicates. If you want to only compare records created by that CRM to the rest of the database, you will want to consider using the Match module.

When using Match, you can choose your current Salesforce Org as your source. Once chosen as your source & your object is selected, you will then have the option to filter the records that you'd like to compare against the rest of Salesforce - this is where you would add your Created By and Created Date criteria. Following that, you can choose the object you'd like to compare against (this would be same object that you chose above).


You can also choose any fields that you'd like to view on your preview grid/results file on the right hand side. Once you click Match Conditions, you will then be able to create match steps based on field level data to identify those potential duplicates. The preview grid will provide you with a list of potential duplicates based on your criteria, which you can then export and use in other modules to assist in merging or deleting duplicates.

You can view a video of the Match module here which might be easier to follow 😊 Additionally, you can always join our office hours session on Wednesdays at 1:30 EST if you have any questions.


Jonathan Greenip
Customer Success Manager


Thank you! I'll take a look at this and let you know if I have further questions.