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Field Rules for DeDupe Process


Hi everyone,

I'm new to this community forum and recently started diving into using an on-demand validity tool for my salesforce business needs. I'm working on the Dedupe process and came across this option called 'field Rule'. Could anyone please guide me to what each option means and how to apply? I couldn't find any document related to that. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out. 


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @rishabh08 welcome to the community, we're glad you're here! I've included a few helpful links below. The first is Dedupe basics video, and the second is a specific article that reviews Field Rules and how to manage them. The Help Center is a great resource for everything DTV related, I hope these are helpful!
Dedupe Basics 
Field Rules


@TarsaF_Validity Thank you for providing me with those reference links. I appreciate it. As I was going through the list of options under the Field Rules, I noticed that one of the fields is not mentioned: "Field CopyUnique Overwrite". Where can I get more information on that particular field?

@rishabh08 Great catch! It looks like we need to update our materials to include the latest addition to our Field Rules. FieldCopyUnique will update a field with the unique value from the selected field. FieldCopyUnique Overwrite is designed to overwrite an existing value in a field. So, if you want to overwrite an existing value in the target field, you need to use FieldCopyUnique Overwrite.
Does that make more sense? I've tasked the team with updating the article to include both definitions!