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Longtime Demand Tools user

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Hi all - as I mentioned in the subject - have used Demand Tools a number of times over a number of different jobs over the years. I love Demand Tools because of it is power. At one career stop I was able to take all of the states in Salesforce and turn them into two letter abbreviations thorughout my company's Salesforce org - very cool and very helpful!!

If I can help out I will do my best to jump in and try to contribute some answers!



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@bhare1357 we did the exact opposite 🙂
switched from state abbreviations to full names to accomodate Europe as well

@SummerinGreece - Interesting! 😀

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

Hi @bhare1357 (Bill),

I'm happy to see you've joined our community since you have years of experience!  I love it for the same reasons and mentioned in another post of mine about how Modify can really get the job done with existing data.  In DemandTools V (DTV) we now have over 127 formulas to use - one of them being the state standardization formula!  

StateMatchShortName(state, useFuzzy)
StateMatchLongName(state, useFuzzy)

The above are the two preinstalled formulas we have with DemandTools V (DTV) which can use fuzzy match to find misspelled states as well.

Again, so happy you're here!


Anthony Lardiere Jr
Senior Customer Success Manager


I agree!  I am excited to share with new users and watch them realize the potential uses of the tool.  DT saved a small team a month long project of adjusting the case of account names.  It was done in 15 min.  They were so excited!