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New DemandTools Newsletter

Validity Team

Hey all,

Please make sure to check out the new DemandTools Newsletter today! 


As you may remember, this was a monthly publication which took a short hiatus the beginning of the year. Well we are now back and hope that you enjoy.

You may notice a link to the Newsletter on the right side navigation of the forums, within the "Important Links" section:


If you are interested in "Subscribing" to the Newsletter, once you are reading it (and logged in) - from the Newsletter home page, click on the "Options" menu item:


and select the "Subscribe" option. This will send you an email every time that there is a new Newsletter posted. We are hoping that this will be a monthly publication. 

Please let us know what you think, what content which you may find important to cover, as well as how you like the new format. Thanks in advance.