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What is DemandTools Expert Office Hours?

DemandTools Expert Office Hours is the place to be every week to talk all things DemandTools. Solutions, answers, challenges... we've got them. Audience: If you use DemandTools on a daily basis, beginner or advanced level, you are invited! Format: We...

Customer related Feature Requests – just launched

First of all, we would like to thank you for all of the feature requests that have been submitted to improve our Data products. If you would like to submit a feature request, please click here and follow the instructions. Now on to the fun news. Toda...

Anonymous by Validity Team
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Match Dates in different formats

Is there any way to match on dates that are different formats?  For example, I have a list of contacts that contains the persons name and birthdate.  The birthdate on the list is a numeric format (09/06/2023).  In Salesforce, the date is written out ...

droyer by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Move Contacts to Correct Accounts Based on Domain

Like most of us I am working to clean up chaos in our SFDC. We have finally removed all duplicate Leads & Contacts, but now I am left with Contacts that are not currently sitting on the correct Account record. I am trying to determine if there is any...

klabisje by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Reassign scenario match steps have all disappeared

I have a reassign scenario that I have used over 40 times in the last 9+ months.  And today when I opened it the multiple match steps that were previously definied were all missing.   I've opened a support ticket, but wanted to see if anyone else has...

Did you know?! A place to share data tips and industry knowledge.

                                                                   I often find myself coming across information or learning a cool function of DemandTools and then wishing I had a place to share it and chat about it with other data minded profession...


Using a SF report in Import or Modify Tool?

Is it possible to use a SF report when using either modify or import?I have a report that has to look @ 2 objects. I don't belive I can do that in DTV? On my contact obejct I roll up a feild from a custom object (called Inquiry). Sometimes my roll-up...

Training Recording & Resources: Dedupe Basics

Thanks to all who attended this week's Dedupe Basics session! Dedupe Basics is always one of our most popular sessions.  Below is a link to the recording and other resources referenced during the session.  If you have any outstanding questions from t...

Resolved! Dedupe: Soft or hard delete?

Can anyone tell me with certainty whether the losing records in a dedupe merge are soft or hard deleted? If the answer is, "it depends," can you please identify the dependencies? Thank you!

Tune & Import?

Hello everyone I'm working on a large batch of duplicate accounts; after exporting the csv file, is it feasible to alter fields in addition to choosing the winning account?