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Validity DemandTools Ask Me Anything event


Welcome to the Validity DemandTools Ask Me Anything event.

This event has ended this time and no more replies to this thread will be accepted, please stay tuned for our next event later in the year.

If you have further questions, please post them to the DemandTools Forum where one of our user experts will surely answer!

Thank you.


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This is awesome! Thanks for offering up the team's time for this. 

I'd like to know if there's a chance we could get what's tentatively coming in a product roadmap. I'd love to know what features I can look forward to and what the team is working on. 

@CRMSarah There are some exciting enhancements coming in the next DemandTools quarterly feature release, which will be with you in mid-April. Features included within this release and more can be found by following the DemandTools V feature request instructions and navigating to the “Planned” section. This view is constantly being updated by our team to include new features on the short-medium term DemandTools roadmap. As always feel free to select a feature card and provide your thoughts to our team!


I'm new to DemandTools at my company but my former coworker expressed difficulty when trying to migrate to DTV from our current version of DemandTools when he attempted to do so about a year ago now. I've seen the new product, it certainly looks like the best option going forward, but I wanted to see if any of the following needs will be, or have been, addressed since he attempted to move over? I'd also like to know what my options are for a formal training on the product, thanks in advance! 

  • Inability to look more than two Salesforce field levels deep
  • Unable to export content versions of an object
  • Ability to select custom fields between a dedupe set

@DataDude250 Thank you so much for your question and for particpating in the very first Customer Community Ask Me Anything session. The response to your question is below:

DemandTools V has had several new features and enhancements added since one year ago. All of our release notes can be found here to give you a better idea of what was included in each release.  

We have several options for you to receive additional training which I’ve provided below: 

Great news, all three features you asked about are now available in DemandTools V.  

  • DTV now has the ability to select fields within five levels of relational hierarchy via lookup across the DemandTools solution. This was previously restricted to two levels. 
  • DTV users can export Attachments and Content Documents, such as contracts, from your CRM and save them to a location on your local directory. 
  • DTV users can now manually choose individual field values to keep in the winning record from across the records in that duplicate group. 
    • Find the duplicate record that contains the value you want to keep. The field must be editable. 
    • Right-click on the cell for that field. 
    • Choose Select as winning field. 
    • The field will turn green to show it is overriding the value from the winning record. 

I hope you find this information useful. Be sure to continue posting your questions on the Community as other Community members along with our Validity team members are always happy to help. 



Love DemandTools, been using it for 10+ years now. 

I am curious to see what the future direction holds for DemandTools at Validity, as there are competing solutions that exist in the cloud which can perform similar tasks. 

All this to say I love DemandTools and don't expect to move away from it. 

@mgoy_vl DemandTools customers have long benefitted from the application taking an on-premises approach to Salesforce data management. There are significant performance and security posture benefits provided by this approach, which remain critical to many use cases across industries.

With that said, Validity’s Elements and Free editions of DemandTools do utilize a cloud-based architecture whereby customers are typically working with small Salesforce orgs and enjoy a subset of functionality compared to DemandTools V.

This is a topic we will continuously monitor across the ecosystem to ensure we’re consistently meeting the needs of the market and our customers.


1) Is there any plan to have the match tool stop matching after a match is found on the first match step so that we do not end up with so many results to parce, this feature was available in DT2?

2) Will our log files of a successful import ever include every column from our original request sheet even for the columns that were not part of the mapped dataset?

3) Will you offer sort-by and filter functionality on the preview columns for data import or match in the future?

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

1) Matching

In the DTV Match module, the first match will always be listed in the first Match_1 column regardless of which match step the record was matched on. If you only want to see the first matched record, it’s only necessary to retain the matches that appear in Match_1_Id column.

There are no immediate plans to provide configurability relating to the number of matches identified during the process. However, there are multiple features being considered to further empower our users in customizing the export options available in Match. Including writing first matches only, # matches per line and unique matches from first matched step.

Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

2) Import Log Files

Following an Import the IdSave and Upsert log files, which are written to the source file location, contain all fields contained within the source (mapped and unmapped). If you’re experiencing different behavior, please reach out to