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Writing a post

Validity Team

Don’t be shy, share your thoughts on the Validity Community forums. The below information will walk you through how to post within the Community.

First, you will need to be logged in to post to the Community. Only Validity Customers (and those on trial) will be able to log in. You can learn more here. 

Select the Community forum that you are interested in posting to

From the Community Home page (, you can click on one of the 3 Forum icons:



Also, within the Top-Level navigation on each Community page, within the Community dropdown, you can select the forums as well:


Search 1st 

Once you enter the forum, you will see the Search box in the main header.



If you are looking for a specific issue or question, begin your search here. If you would just like to read posts within the forum, simply scroll down to see all of the threads which have been started.


If searching and scrolling does not provide you with what you are looking for, click on the “Post to Community” button. As you can see in the above image, this is located below the main header.

New Message

Once you click on the “Post to Community” button, you will be brought to the posting page:



  • Subject: Be descriptive, but not too long
  • Body: Add more detail to the post, maybe step-by-step description to reproduce what you are experiencing, or a general question to let people know what you are looking to accomplish. The more information that you can provide here, the faster your question may be answered
  • Labels: Pre-defined product labels will help others figure out which product that you are speaking about
  • Message Tags: This is where you can further define the post, and drill down more – data, privacy, email, dedupe…….

Once you have filled out the form, click on the “Post” button and your post should appear at the top of the Forum.

 Interested in learning more? Choose one of the links below to learn more about the Community. This is far from an all-inclusive list of the features and functionalities, but will definitely help to get you started!

Terms & Conditions

Customer Community Rules and Guidelines

How to log in and create a username

Navigating the Community

How to write a post

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Personalizing your profile

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