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Match Module and Tab Delimited Files


Is there a way to get the Match Module to work with Tab Delimited files?  I have a txt file that is tab delimited.  I have saved the file as csv and xlsx, but it is still tab delimited.  Every time I try to select it as my "Match File", Demand Tools won't let me.  Is there a setting somewhere that I need to mark so that it will read Tab Delimited files?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Validity Team Member
Validity Team Member

@droyer at the moment, DTV only supports CSV, XLS, XLSX file types. This Match Article from our Help Center provides some more detail on the Module as well as some helpful tips and use cases. While DTV does not accept Tab Delimited at this time, this would be a fantastic Feature Request for our Product Team to consider adding in future releases. I've included the steps to submit such a request in this link. Requesting a Feature in DemandTools V


You might just try replacing the tabs with commas before you get DemandTools involved. 

e.g. How to Change a Tab-delimited Text File to a CSV File ( or perhaps

Find and Replace Tab Character in Excel (2 Suitable Ways) (