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Validity DemandTools Ask Me Anything event

Welcome to the Validity DemandTools Ask Me Anything event. This event is happening on March 14, 2024, 11-12 ET. We are excited to have @ajavalidity  (Customer Success Manager) and @Elliot_Validity  (Product Manager) for this hour to answer your ques...


Demand Tools V

I have been involved with data management for almost 30 years now and can honestly say that Demand Tools is as close to perfection as I have seen and has been one of my most important tools for what I do. However, Demand Toos V is not what I have com...

gallen by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Match Export not Aligned to Original Data

Has anyone else had an issue of the preview of the match results are in the correct order, but when you export and open the file it is in a completely different sort order?This is causing mismatches in data or additional run time to check the sort or...

LFoster by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Demand Tools V

I have been using demand tools for the past 8 years and it became a necessary tool for me on a daily basis. I just converted to Demand Tools V and have this question. How is this an improvement? The old version was simple and very intuitve. Unless I'...

gallen by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Looking for a formula to replace specific words in a field?

Use the DTV modify module and choose the formula tab.  Enter this formula: RegExReplace( {field to update here} , "0|Not Provided|not provided|null|(N\/A)|\(not provided\)|\?" , "")  In this instance, the words to be replaced are 0, Not Provided, not...

Resolved! Salesforce Object Permissions for DemandTools Users

Hello to the community - We have a small group of Salesforce users training up on DemandTools who will be responsible for managing Opportunity data for their respective Sales regions. These users have standard Read, Create, Edit permissions on our co...

Resolved! 502 Error: Bad Gateway when logging into DemandTools

Hi there. We are power-users of DemandTools. For a number of reasons, we still use DemandTools 2.9.1. We have multiple users, too.All of us are suddenly getting the same error message when trying to log in. This shows up in a DemandTools error messag...

Resolved! Using Salesforce as a Source

I'm surely not alone here, but the thought struck me, why am I running reports in Salesforce to get a list of Record IDs only to use it as an Excel upload file for the changes I want to effect?!Why not simply use our Salesforce instance itself as the...

Modify field data

Hi...I'm new to Demand Tools V, but have used Demand Tools for years. I have a list (file) of bounced email addresses that I want to remove from Salesforce. I've already matched them up in Demand Tools, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to ...

Econ242 by Explorer
  • 1 replies