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What is DemandTools Expert Office Hours?

DemandTools Expert Office Hours is the place to be every week to talk all things DemandTools. Solutions, answers, challenges... we've got them. Audience: If you use DemandTools on a daily basis, beginner or advanced level, you are invited! Format: We...

Training Reminder: Dedupe Basics 6/6/23 - 11 AM EDT

Happy Monday! Quick reminder that we have a Dedupe Basics Training scheduled for tomorrow 6/6/23 at 11 am EDT.  Our very knowledgeable CSM @AnthonyValidity will walk through the basics of the dedupe module on the DemandTools V Release. Whether you ar...

Finally moving on from DemandTools 2.91

We're finally getting started on the process of moving on from our old, familiar version of DemandTools to the latest and greatest. I'd love to hear to hear any tips, tricks, and things to watch out for from other folks who've made the switch!

Resolved! Demand Tools remains blank after logging into Application

Hi everyone,Just thought I would post this to help anyone having this issue since we spent a few days trying to find a solution.  The issue we saw was that a few of our team members tried logging into the Demand Tools application with their validity ...

Welcome - Introduce Yourself

Hello all, I would like to echo @AnthonyValidity's sentiment in welcoming you all to the DemandTools forum on the Validity Customer Community. If you have not seen it already, our employees are also making their introductory posts here.  We hope that...

Anonymous by Validity Team
  • 19 replies

Resolved! Using Demand Tools to purge old leads

Hello community! I am looking for some ways to use Demand Tools to help with purging old leads. We are getting close to over 300,000 records in our org and I know quite a few never amount to anything beyond that stage. What are some conditions or for...

DTV Roadmap

Does Validity provide a roadmap for future updates? I'd love to see what's coming! 

CRMSarah by Frequent Contributor
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Launching Validity error

Trying to launch the tool but gets this error. If I have to download the latest version to fix this, shouldn't I be notified to download the latest version instead of an error?


Resolved! Dashboard Organization

I have too many scenarios and I want to be able to organize them. Is there a way to create a folder so I can separate my Import scenarios and scheduled jobs scenarios?