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On March 14th, there will be a DemandTools "Ask Me Anything" event on the forum, Read more here!

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Validity DemandTools Ask Me Anything event

Welcome to the Validity DemandTools Ask Me Anything event. This event is happening on March 14, 2024, 11-12 ET. We are excited to have @ajavalidity  (Customer Success Manager) and @Elliot_Validity  (Product Manager) for this hour to answer your ques...


DupeBlocker 3.15.0 Released

DupeBlocker version 3.15.0 was released this week! Enhancements include:  Redirect to existing record now copies the data entered on insert into an Edit view of the matching duplicate after redirecting the userDupeBlocker Potential Duplicates is now ...

Releases notes provide no information :-(

I saw that a new version of DemandTools was available today (5.24.1), and I had an issue with the previous version (5.23.2) where formuals were not able to be validated, so I wanted to see if that issue was fixed in the latest release. When I looked ...

Resolved! Assess job not running in lower environment

Hi all - wondering if anyone has seen this - if not will email support Just ran an assess job in prod earlier today and (after updating my version) it worked fineNow try to run an assess job in a lower environment and got an error - found this in the...

bhare1357 by Frequent Contributor
  • 4 replies

DemandTools Updates

Love how new functionality is always being added.  Can't wait for the next release.  Keep it up!

SteveB by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Demand Tool Data Upload

Hi Everyone!Whenever i am uploading data, demand tool is reading the date data as one day before the date mentioned in the file. Can anyone help me understand what i can do here?

Date Format

Does anyone know how to set Demand Tools to recognise non America Date format?  Other countries do exist!

Resolved! Uploading bulk tasks

Hi allI need some help with bulk uploading of tasks in SFDC via the Demand Tools. I need to create and assign multiple Tasks or Events at once by importing a spreadsheet of Tasks or Events and assign them to specific lead owners. Set up Task or Event...

Resolved! New Versions

Hi all - this is a question probably for our friends at Validity. I just had a problem with an assessment job out of nowhere (using Demand Tools V). I was told by support to install the latest version. I did that and everything is fine. However, that...

bhare1357 by Frequent Contributor
  • 1 replies