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People Import --> DTV functionality question

I have been using Demand Tools forever and love DTV as well. I have been working to recreate my match scenarios in DVT that I have in People Import, but continuing to use PI because I am finding there are features in PI that do not exist in DTV. So, ...

ahenkel by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Assessment module question - again :)

Hi all - I ran the assessment module and found that I had about 400 dupe contacts. So, with some help from the community - I ran the scenarios that make up the assessment module and was able to drop that initial total by about 100. So, my question is...

bhare1357 by Frequent Contributor
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Modify Module - Nested If formula

Hi There,Can anyone of you help with the below query, please?I'm trying to create a formula to set the field value in the modify module using IF function but I get the error as "There seems to be a problem with the formula syntax, please check it ove...

Resolved! how can I mass convert leads into contacts?

Good Morning!Just wondering if there is a way to mass convert leads into contacts using DTV.I've about 430 leads that share the same emails as for contacts already in SFDC.The exercise is to potentially convert those leads into contacts, then merge t...

DTV slower than 2.91 ?

Hi everyone,Hope you are well and happy to work on Demand Tool V (like me).I recreate DT's scenarios in DTV and I could observe than DTV is slower than DT 2.91 (on Export Module). For example, to change the Order's status from Closed to paid, it take...

Resolved! How to stop same contacts from showing as duplicates each time

I am curious if there is a solution or perhaps future feature that would allow us to say "No. These are not duplicates, please stop asking me" when running Dedupe. We have several relatives that the system picks up as possible duplicates. It isn't ho...

Resolved! Can't update converted leads

Is there a way to tweak a setting so that DemandTools can update converted leads?  Just trying to update a region field.

mshammel by Explorer
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Data Standardization Playbook

One of our amazing customers shared our Data Standardization Playbook on LinkedIn late last week so I wanted to share it here as well to make sure this community was aware of this awesome resource from our Help Center. We have playbooks available for...

Resolved! Demand tools Job Builder

Hello Everyone,Just wondering if Demand Tools Job Builder is part of the community forum.I found this link am trying to know if Job Builder is a separate product from Validity and if th...